Thursday, July 26, 2012

Okay. So, lesson one: do not begin a new blog the same week you start new Lyme meds.  Forging on...a brief history of me, in terms of yoga and Lyme/tick-borne disease:


1987: initial infection with tick-borne disease
1991: diagnosed with fibromyalgia
April 17, 2011: dramatically reinfected with tick-borne disease
June 3, 2011-Diagnosed with Lyme.
July, 2011-Diagnosed with Lyme.
August, 2011-Diagnosed with Lyme and bartonella. Treated with low-dose antibiotics.
November, 2011-Results plateau. Switch to herbal.
January, 2012-Herbal remedies plateau.
June, 2012-Diagnosed, with labs!, with Lyme. 
July, 2012-Treatment with high-dose antibiotics begins. 

Began...immediately. My mom taught yoga. So I always was doing yoga, off and on, not really seriously.  But in '09 I started to get serious about my practice. By 2010-2011, I was putting in at least 1.5-2 hours yoga daily, and wanting more. I decided to apply to a teacher certification program--not a weekend one, but one that would make me work. I chose one, and applied. 
June 3, 2011-Accepted into a two-year yoga teacher certification program

Yes. If you're still reading, you've noticed that I was diagnosed the *same day* I was accepted to the teacher program. You have to love the universe's sense of humor, yes?

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