Thursday, July 26, 2012

Goals, the plan, what I'm doing here, whatever

My major Lyme issues include: balance, loss of sensation in my right side, muscle weakness in my right side, general "CNS involvement" as they say, and fatigue.  I've also just started a brand-new, super-intense antibiotic regimen, so I'm also dealing with a major herx.  Thus, what I am looking for from yoga is two-fold:

Short-term: easing of the herx, probably through detoxification
Long-term (but wouldn't it be nice if it were short-term?): easing of CNS issues

I plan to explore newer science-y stuff with older texts in search of answers...and then, of course, try them out. FWIW, these days I practice Vinyasa Flow.  My mom taught Hatha, I've done some Astanga...these days I rely on my Shiva Rea DVDs to get me through when I cannot, as now, hack even an hour-long class at the studio.

So, some reading. First up: The Science of Yoga: the Risks and Rewards, by William J. Broad. Yes, that one. The wildly controversial one that has caused everyone from your neighbor to your great-aunt's roommate to tell you how you can kill yourself doing yoga. I've read it through already and he cites a number of studies, some of which I want to go back to and, you know, poke at. So, next post, we'll start there and see where we go.

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