Monday, August 13, 2012

And then there was a herx... was bound to happen. Going from zero antibiotics to horse-dose antibiotics is going to knock you on your keister, if you have Lyme. It has not, though, been (quite) as bad as I'd feared. Did yoga help? Maybe. Probably.

My daily routine has been pretty mellow--lots of twisting and bending, meditation, pranayama. Any traditional yoga text will tell you all that twisting and bending and organ squeezing helped with the detoxifying process. My practice also probably helped relieve stress and inflammation, which can't have hurt.  It may even be helping my immune system get its act together, but that is a post for later, when my brain is not so tired.

In happy news: this morning, feeling stronger, I added a balance-specific series (from Shiva Rea's awesome Power Flow Yoga DVD) to my routine.  Now, you have to understand, if I stand in tadasana with my feet together, I fall back and to the left. No kidding. At least I'm consistent? Also, my balance is consistently not so hot. I didn't do the all the intermediate options, but I *did not fall.* This is HUGE for me. Would the medication alone have achieved the same improvement? I have no way to know.

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